About Mobile Truck and Fleet Repair in Colorado Springs, CA Family owned & operated since 1996

MTR Business Vision Statement

At Mobile Transport Repair, it is our goal to rise above; to be the best at what we do. Through communication and friendly, honest work, we strive to deliver. There is nothing greater for us at MTR, than a completely satisfied and happy customer. We are family and you have found a home.

Through growth we create stability, and with stability MTR will enable all of us, our employees and customers alike, to succeed in abundance and to have happy fulfilling life.

MTR has been a model fleet maintenance business for over 18 years, serving Colorado Springs area with truck & trailer repair. Incorporated in 1996 as Mobile Trailer Repair, MTR has since expanded its scope of service and operations to include our new 9,000-sq.-ft. repair facility. Our highly skilled team of management personnel and certified technicians aim to exceed customer expectations with the kind of personalized service that is rarely offered in today's truck repair climate.

Over the years, we've put together a customized fleet maintenance and management program that tailors to each company's needs. Each of our fleets represents a different type of business. For example, our fleet that hauls cement walls for buildings and parking structures has an entirely different fleet management program than the fleet that hauls recycled tires. With each fleet, we have a customized program which includes fleet management, preventative maintenance, and custom, in-house service. By "in-house," we mean that if a customer has a service need that's particular to that company, MTR has performed, maintained, and secured that service need for that customer.

With an emphasis on safety, our big truck repair shop strives for perfect safety ratings, and we can perform simple safety modification upgrades to a fleet that aren't currently in place. MTR meets all the business requirements needed for company compliance and makes sure that only necessary repairs are carried out by our technicians. This eliminates extra work that could drive up costs for you. Proper maintenance management also helps avoid these occurrences by keeping your fleet in optimal working order.